9k Racing Mr2

Imports are a big thing this generation wether they’re from Japan or Europe you seem to see at least one Honda or BMW a day but one import that still seems to stand out more than the rest is the MR2 (Midship Runabout 2). What was once to be considered an iconic mid-engine RWD sports car from Toyota  is now just a car from the past. MR2s get a lot of respect from me just because its a Toyota but I’ve never met someone with an MR2 nice enough for me to shoot. Well yesterday was my lucky day, I met John over at 9k Racing (who got me the chance to shoot the R33 Skyline in my previous post) that owns a very nice MR2. It may not be the cleanest one out there, but this one will sure make you take a second look.

John kept saying not to shoot his car because it was “ugly” and it still needed work, yes this car may still need some work to make it to the top of the MR2 ranks but it sure isn’t ugly. This car definitely deserves a second shoot in a different location and ill make sure it happens, until then keep up with the blog to see more photos.

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