Drift Ready AE86

You know those moments when you don’t think before you speak? Yea? Well, I had one of those moments right before shooting this Hellafunctional AE86. Knowing there was clearly an intercooler sitting behind the front bumper sure to be followed by a turbo and all the fun parts that need to be upgraded in this situation, I still decided to ask “Is it stock?” That already opened up my personal can-of-whoopass. The immediate response by the 9K Racing driver was “YES, its stock” with a big grin on his face. At this point I knew I was going to see something badass but I sure didn’t expect to see what was really under the hood. The driver lifted the hood and …. eh, I’d rather let you look at all these pictures and then see what was pushing this car. Enjoy!

Can’t tell what it is? I guess you don’t deserve to know, and for those of you who recognize the engine…. ssshhh.

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