The route less taken: Martin’s USDM Converted FD2 Civic.

This clearly isn’t your average sedan pulling up at your local middle school to drop some kids off. Martin took his time in his approach to this FA5 and it doesn’t disappoint. Many people at first glance associate this car with a typical lowered sedan with nice wheels and some window visors but only a few understand the true beauty of it.

This Civic sedan (FA5) was converted into a JDM Spec FD2 Civic.
JDM FD2 Type R front conversion
JDM FD2 Type R rear end conversion
Type R front lip
Hfp side skirts
Hfp rear lip
Mugen Visors
Spoon Shift Knob
Mugen Pedals
Spoon Baner
and Exclusive spoiler.

Sitting on:
Desmond Regamasters MP’s
Front:17×8 +33offset
Rear:17×9 +33offset

With the cost of this functional lifestyle and attention hungry girlfriends interfering with the time we give our cars it becomes a little difficult to finish a project like this one, even though there’s never really an end to it, but Martin sure made his statement including both form and function.

Other Mods:
Neuspeed Suspension
Password JDM Power Chamber Intake System
Skunk2 Megapower Headers
J’S Racing Exhaust
Hondata Flashpro
Hybrid Racing Clutch Line and Cylinder kit
Skunk2 Short Shifter

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