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Location #2 W. Jaycee’s Bagged WRX

Between working full time, and working on web design projects, it is a little overwhelming trying to make even more time to edit photos but how can I not want to stay up later than I should to work on these photos. Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have seen photos from the previous set all over the internet. Just like I called it, Jaycee is killing the game right now. Even though many people seem to love his WRX, there are also a lot of haters, but hey that means he has to be doing something right. Check out these shots from our second location. Don’t worry, there are still more photos to be posted.



Adventure day with the Girlfriend.

The Infamous by Hellaflush x Canibeat Coverage

Kathy Isa 9k Racing Shoot.

Not to long ago 9k Racing presented me with the¬†opportunity to shoot a model at there headquarters. Not only does 9k Racing know everything about cars, they also know a lot about women’s fashion and in this set they brought what the crowd loves, tight tops and yoga pants.

Enjoy this set with the awesome Kathy Isa.